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    Why is your shop called Kabinshop ?

    Why is your shop called Kabinshop ?

    Thinking up a name for your business is super hard . 

    I didn't really want to use my name as it is associated with my other job as a make up artist, so i brain stormed a lot of names and words with friends.

    I like the idea that my business has a home, a house, and i am slightly obsessed with cabins in the forest, not just traditional log cabins but modern glass cabins surrounded by snow. I have never actually stayed in a log cabin, but i imagine that i would surrounded by the scent of pine forests and there would be deer everywhere and i would love it. [ Ok , i know, i live near Canary Wharf, so i am i am fantasising !] 

    So unfortunately Cabinshop was taken already, so when i found out that Kabin is the Japanese word for vase, instantly i knew my shop would be called Kabinshop as i love the Japanese aesthetic and i make a lot of vases.

    Cabins in the forest.