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    Kabinshop opened in 2015 by Carol Morley in London .

    Kabin is Japanese for vase . It seems a fitting name for a store selling ceramic vessels - it is also the house for everything i sell.

    I have spent my life making things, painting things, buying and selling things ...and trying things out.

    I love imagining where my items are going, imagining them in a new home where they will be loved and appreciated.

    I have earned my living as an illustrator, a painter, a make up artist and a ceramicist. When i discovered ceramics i completely fell in love with it. My love is to make things by hand. I am not interested in using the pottery wheel or slip casting i just like forming things by hand and making one of a kind pieces. Currently i use different types of high fire stoneware clay which i make, fire and glaze in my kiln in my studio. 

      Carol x